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To make great gin you need high quality botanicals, passionate people and last but not least, a great still. At Spice Islands Distilling Co. we don’t compromise, so we commissioned Carl, a family owned company with more than 150 years of experience making the world’s best stills, to make our custom designed 550L hand made still.


In Bali, Gede is the name given to the first son or daughter. We know you’re not meant to pick favourites when it comes to your children, but we’re in love with our first born, just look at her!

Designed by Carl with direction from our Master Distiller Mitch Hayhow, Gede has a 550L capacity, carter head botanical basket and a 7 plate rectification column. In short, she is more flexible than a Ubud yoga instructor and can make pretty much any spirit we make at Spice Islands Distilling Co. Crafted with copper she creates the purest possible gins, removing impurities from the spirit and botanicals through the distillation.


Agung in Indonesian means ‘great in size, imposing in appearance’. So naturally, with 5 liter capacity and standing approximately 2.5 feet tall, we called this little fellow ‘Agung’. Small, but perfectly formed, Agung is our trial still, he allows us to do very small batch runs to experiment with numerous flavours and distillation techniques. With the sole purpose of perfecting our recipes.

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